Showreel 2013

I'm a curious interactive designer who loves to design websites and user interfaces

Hi. My name is Mathias Laurvig, also known as Barry.
I am a 27 year old designer, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am studying Interactive Design at The Danish School of Media & Journalism (DMJX).

From when I was a boy growing up in a small town in the windy fields of West Jutland, I have always been passionate about design and photography. My love for design is based on the process of going from a problem to a solution, where researching, conceptualizing and getting to the final idea and design is what I enjoy the most.

Most of my wake hours I use on designing, listening to good indie tunes on Rdio and going to concerts.

During my 4 months long internship I worked at the danish branding agency e-Types.